Internships on Internshala, a popular Internship recruitment platform in India, be like...


And the pay: 10,000 INR ~ 136 USD/month

You read that right

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    10k per month for an intern is pretty good imo.
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    Omg, that skill list. Do they want people to lie?
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    @AkshayTolwani oh dear lord. Looks like 'tech lead'. Tech lead is a huge unethical bastard btw. Had to say it
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    kids these days. does a basic udemy course and expects to get a million dollars for an internship.

    Expecting this huge load of skills for this amount of money is a wrong thing from the company's side, but don't guide the fresher devs and students on this site that INR 10k is a wrong amount.

    My first internship was half of that amount, but at that time I had just completed an android basics course and had no professional experience. and first internship always teaches you lots of stuff technical and philosophical.
    Today if you are an undergrad + have decent skills + 0/1 internship experience + the company requires you to do a small work and is willing to corporate with you , then this amount is very much enough.

    To get more than this, get more work experience+ skillset, simple.
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    @yowhatthefuck Can't have it both ways mate. Can't expect these skills AND pay only this much.

    The compensation has to be COMMENSURATE with the skills.

    So I don't get the point you're trying to make. 10k is simply not justified for such demands.

    Also, funny you assume my age.
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    @hapakala they can never expect an intern to have this skills. Why would it be an intern?
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    @hapakala Assuming the age because you are looking for internships in india. and Yes what you just said is my point. if you have all those skills + some professional work experience in the industry/open source community, then surely this job is shit and you should rather be looking to apply in funded startups/mncs , and expect atleast 30-35k as an intern.

    But for most of students, either of the conditions are not met until very late in life and so 10k is valid in that situation. Read more about the catch 22 situation that prevails in the industry
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    @yowhatthefuck why would someone with that tool box look for an intern role? lol OP is brainfucked.

    Another Abbie in making.
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    @F1973 Let's keep it civil mate. The real matter is the unfounded requirements asked for by these companies, which if somehow met by a candidate, still in no way are justified for the offered compensation. It's abou the disturbing pattern that is emergent in the industry because of postings like these.
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    @AkshayTolwani I actually came across these from one of his videos only :P
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    @hapakala The entire industry is fucked. We can complain or we can do something to change our situation.
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    I think y'all are just missing the point completely.

    It would obviously be dumb for a guy to have all these skills and apply for such an Internship.

    The real matter is the existence of such postings in the first place.
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    @F1973 Now that's something we can agree on 🍻
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    @hapakala the point is, a lot of openings are fake to either have someone internal or workaround some shrewd business tactics to hire cheap labour.

    I got to know about the recent one today when Sort shared the video (which I was partially aware about but was ignorant)
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    @rooter Bro they also want a person to be a Complete stack overflow

    I Applied to a Django Internship and they asked me to build a Rest API in Django with Payment Integration while the login will be a Mobile 2 factor authentication I was like what??
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    @coderaman07 hmm. Sounds just like two tasks. But the way the say it is weird. Payment for what? They said literally they want a login system with payment handling? Hmm. Fine. I made a lot of stupid stuff by request but did a fine job - free self education 😁
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    I'm no expert but I don't think internships should have a skill requirement list like that
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    And they'll sell you like a Lead Developer for 100k+ USD to an offshore company
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    Most of these I found are doing data entry.
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