ok so i though of clearing my basics regarding concurrency and async behavior in programming. my end goal was to somehow reach rxjava and kotlin coroutines since these are the 2 common frameworks used in professional android dev . AND DAMN! since last 2 days am exploring apis and how stuff works and i have million milesss to cover.
I mean , here is a list of all the ways by which java8 (current version is java 15) achieves concurrency :BlockingQueue,ArrayBlockingQueue,DelayQueue,LinkedBlockingQueue,PriorityBlockingQueue,SynchronousQueue,BlockingDeque,LinkedBlockingDeque,ConcurrentMap,ConcurrentNavigableMap,CountDownLatch, CyclicBarrier,Exchanger,Semaphore,ExecutorService,Callable,Future,ThreadPoolExecutor,ScheduledExecutorService,ForkJoinPool, Lock,ReadWriteLock,AtomicInteger,AtomicLong,AtomicReference,AtomicStampedReference,AtomicIntegerArray,AtomicLongArray,AtomicReferenceArray

I have always just used threads and executors. maybe once or twice a handler/ looper and never a thread pool. these all stuff are so fucking much!

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    @dfox i think the css of the element h1 with class "rantlist-content" could use "word-break: break-word;" for desktop version
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    @yowhatthefuck Working on the DevRant PWA. Randomly saw your post while testing...

    Fix implemented! :P
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    Few notes:
    - current LTS is 11, 17 is the next scheduled LTS
    - 11 is way nicer with its updates to streams
    - reactive streams and tech like webflux make it way nicer, you'll like it when you get there
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    @010001111 haha would appreciate a fix then. all happened just because i removed spaces between commas. russ hanneman would be proud. btw is it breaking even on the native apps?
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    Gl dude! Definitely a ton of stuff to learn... And the Java api is pretty expansive
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    In the beginning I used threads and AsyncTask. Then I moved to coroutines and skipped rxjava. Haven't had any problems.
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    @yowhatthefuck silicon valley 😆
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