I’m bombarded with so many forms of possible entertainment and none of them bring any contentment. So much fighting about who is “putting effort into maintaining friendships” and etc. Is it normal to want to avoid people more than health authorities suggest during a pandemic?

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    Don't get bombarded then, you go look for something instead of waiting for something to come. Have you tried that?
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    for my entertainment i watch those eas simulation vids, this year is not apocalyptic enough for me.
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    @c3r38r170 Facebook/Twitter/Instagram people are angry about who has made an effort to meet or stay connected and who hasn’t. WhatsApp has some groups that people gripe about exclusivity. Reddit is a dystopic wasteland of American negativity. YouTube algorithms plop the most negative videos on me. Netflix gives me “gritty” shows.

    Turning it all off makes me feel better. Yet if I leave my phone alone people get pissed when I don’t make an effort to respond in a timely manner. At time of writing this I’m ignoring 23 different people’s messages right now. I’m not going to meet up with random people during the pandemic. What is so urgent?
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    @irene I understand, what a shame. I hope you can at least correct some of those algorithms so you get better stuff. I like Reddit because you see almost exclusively what you follow, so I follow funny and interesting stuff, maybe it's time for you to clean it up...
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    @irene sometimes you pick your friends, other times they pick you.

    and sometimes the algols just decide to try and fuck with you.

    social media has been redesigned to make us antisocial.

    it did me.
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    @irene I wouldn't get messages from 23 different persons in a whole year.

    Also social media sucks, especially Facebook which is mostly a mix of bots and stupid people right now.
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