Some people unironically put three character tabs

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    Why not? Not as wide as 4 spaces but not as narrow and invisible as 2 spaces

    But fuck those aliens who use 8 character tabs. 😱
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    0: heard of formatting?
    1: well.. that was point less
    2: fine I'll deal with it
    3: why... why you do that
    4: I like you
    5: you gone mad bro
    6: you deserve to be shot
    7: wtf is wrong with you
    8: my fucking screen isn't a mile wide
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    @iiii I never will be able to comprehend what's in mind of those who add 8 spaces indent for some subliminal enumeration of parameters or whatever, while using 4 spaces for everything else. Diff view cries in corner.
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    @C0D4 but what's wrong with three for real? just because it's not even or what?
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    I always use one tab character that is three characters wide. This is the best indentation and you boubas can’t change my mind.
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    @iiii like 2 it's just feels to cramped.

    4 just has a smoother feel to it when scanning down long files of code, Not everyone writes 1 liners for everything.

    But at the end of the day, each to their own 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 maybe you're just too accustomed to 4?

    I agree that 2 is too damn cramped and hard to parse, but 3 actually makes it reasonable

    (I'm not using 3, just seeing some merit)
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    That's the reason tabs are superior. Just set your editor to whatever spacing you like. Even cli shit can handle it.

    Change my mind, peasants 👺⛽
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    @Kimmax just the fact that some software displays tab characters as some absurd values (like 8) makes it less suitable for actual work. If you can control the whole environment, tabs are fine. If not, spaces are better.
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    @iiii I agree, but that's a problem said software should fix, no?

    It's like saying we shouldn't use airbags in cars, because they can and will absolutely fuck you over when installed incorrectly or are tampered with
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    @Kimmax it's just I'd prefer using a more universal solution rather than "hit or miss" one
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    @iiii fair enough
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    @Ranchonyx correction: some people use three spaces to indent text
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    They are the same people whose parents forget to pull-out
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    I usually do:

    2 - HTML

    3 - Vue Components, Jinja templates

    4 - Everything else

    HTML elements can get sooo nested that anything more than 2 is pushed out of my screen. But having raw HTML is kinda silly nowadays, not to mention unmaintainable.

    Vue Components and Jinja Templates also get pretty nested because of HTML but they're not as bad

    Probably just need a bigger screen tho XD
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