Objective-C have ugliest syntax I ever seen or worked. Anyone agree with me?

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    ugliest syntax price goes to ABAP in my opinion :)
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    @devnulli in my opinion, ABAP is more beautiful and much easier to read then Objective-C.
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    True. Whoever made Obj-C did a lot of weed
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    @iiii 😂😂 you're absolutely right
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    What you’re talking about, obj - c is beautiful it’s based on smallTalk syntax with core of c and i love “ small talk “

    Shit syntax award goes to swift , no programming language should have 1000 ways to write the same line

    Looks like some web developer made it
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    @hardfault I worked with swift, c#, vb6, vb.net, sql and even pascal.
    but believe me, learning curve of obj-c was terrible
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