Most hated language features?

• it exists

• it also exists

• it still exists.

• Significant parentheses: `subName` calls the subroutine, and `subName()` calls the subroutine and gets a return value. If you use the wrong invocation, it yells at you. Why!?
• For reasons unknown, you can only have `sleep` appear once per codebase. (So put it in a function!)

• It’s bloody easy to write code with absolute shit performance, and it kind of feels encouraged because of just how easy Ruby makes everything. Less critical thinking means worse performance, and Ruby’s blissful elegance encourages mental laziness.
• Minor: You cannot pass a hash as the first method parameter without enclosing it in parentheses, ex:`method({key: value})`. This is due to the ambiguous case between passing a hash argument and a (curly) block/proc (`method {|args| code}`). This could be remedied pretty easily with a little bit of look ahead.
• Minor: There is no `elsif` for `unless` (a negated if). Why? No reason given.

• no block endings, so nested code can be extremely difficult to follow.

• The freaking syntax oh god why.

All languages:
• rand vs rand() vs Rand vs Rand() vs rnd vs RND vs random() vs random vs randInt() vs Math.random() vs Math.randInt() vs ...

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    php will outlive us both and our children.

    VB will die eventually, it is being unceremoniously killed bt Microsoft.
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    Rand() wouldn't be living up to its name if it wasn't random between languages 😅
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    Also, length vs length() vs size vs size() vs len() vs everything else
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    @C0D4 had never thought about that. I love it
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    Unrelated: @AleCx04 @C0D4 @AvyChanna Oh look it's the purple squad!
    What's the chance that all the profiles look the same lol
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    @AvyChanna yeah, I never remember which to use, I'm always like, wait, is it length in *language I'm using*? size? method? parameter?
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    Less critical thinking means worse performance - pretty sure it's like that in every language out there
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    I love Ruby.

    For the syntax, not the performance. That’s why I never use and just have a picture of it on my wall.

    And I think the random() function should be named in every language randomly, so we truly get random things.
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    @010001111 Ruby’s performance really isn’t that terrible.
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    @Root agreed by miles. That is an internate meme hate bandwagon used against Ruby, in particular rails. If its good enough for Hulu and Github i bet to say that it is good for everyone else around the parts of web development really
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    @SoldierOfCode @C0D4 purple squad for life!
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    Yall and your purple avatars
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    @Root red looks so good if it has the right tone and if it blends correctly. Holy SHIT I love that color when it’s used right.
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    @OmerFlame I feel the same way about purples. Guess what color I’m going to paint my new room? 😁
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    @Root some king of bright purple ir red.
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    Untyped variables
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    Lemme just redefine the rand function to pineapple to make it even more RanDaoMM.
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