Just my two cents in React 2020 Community Survey

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    *apache helicopter
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    Insert: code ninja, 10x developer or other nonsensical title here.
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    Using the word “master”...tsk tsk. ;) Use manager...no, wait, that has “man” in it. Use supervisor, no, wait, that’s hierarchical and ableist because not everyone has superior vision. Use executive, no, wait, that connotes executioner. Use person, no, wait, that has “son” in it which is assuming gender...*nomenclature madness continues until the heat death of the Universe*
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    @stackodev We always wanna keep it simple. A single input box with the label "gender".
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    @theuser Useless for data collection and analysis.
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    @stackodev well fuck em
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    out of context but, master-bator* of the universe. ^_^
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