My works funny man.

Over 12 years we've built out a crazy amount of services utilizing several languages, paradigms and deployment methods.

Apparently we use to have a massive dev team or something but as of now its like barely 9 (that might include QA so like 6).

We have a deployment repo that manages the entanglement of everything on a kubernetes cluster. There you will be forced to work with python, bash scripts, ruby, some lua, and node.js. And of course alot of yaml files.

Move along to one of our many extensions or servers and you will find yourself needing to know angular 1.x, angular 9.x (right big jump), angular 7.x, Php (no frameworks), node.js (express spaghetti code, likely written when it first got hot), ruby on rails, meteor.js.

Sense theres very few of us and we're over customer engineering (fixing bugs primarily to prevent churn), that means Im crossing each of these domains and needing to understand each enough to understand a mess of code that on average 9+ developers have had their hands on.

Im exhausted. Even coming from an agency environment this is still brutal.

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    Everybody wondered whether we could use multiple languages in one system but nobody asked whether we should
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