Question, for heterosexual or bisexual biological born women:

You have a heterosexual biologically born male friend you have known for 3 years, who lives 3 miles from you, who you know finds you attractive.

Their rent has gone up such that he can no longer afford it whilst they are at university, and it is their last year, and they haven't been able to find a job.

You live in your own paid for flat, which has a spare room, and you are single.

They are about to be homeless, and you find them physically attractive, do you rent them a room @ $50 USD a week which is all they can afford ?
(They pay for their own food.)

You don't find them physically attractive, do you rent them the room ?

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    Depends how you can handle that.

    I’d do it. If all goes we’ll you’ll do some things together, if not, well.. At least you helped someone in a bad situation.

    I had to do that once too, but because I couldn’t find a new flat. I was very happy I had _something_ to stay, no matter what connection I had with that person.
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    This seams like a loaded question.
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    Loaded in what way ?

    ( He says, having tried really hard not to make it sound loaded, but obviously failing somehow! )
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    Just do it eighter way if you want to help him, I'd say.
    If not, I would advise you to go on a date first before telling him that you have a solution that would imply that he needs to be nice to you. If he doesn't like you on that date, you probably shouldn't do it.
    If you tell him and he gets into a relationship with you because of the fear of becoming homeless, than it most likely won't be too great of a time for anyone involved.
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    @Nanos i only wouln't do it if you DIDNT find him attractive and hated rejecting someone. Otherwise you can only win.
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    No this is a business transaction. Sexual orientation or attraction means nothing to it and otherwise it would be a sexual exploitation (sex for basic needs).

    I will lose money if I charge 50 and if I want to do a charity case i would rescue 6 animals with that one room. Humans can fix their own mess they make. Animals take the brunt of the pian of human mistakes. (And even though I find them attractive there is 0 chance of sexual stuff, just saying)
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    That question really contains wierd false dependencies on the sex and gender of the answering person.
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    They aren't false because the two people in question, one was a born male heterosexual, and the other either a female born heterosexual, or bisexual.
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    Interesting analysis, I hadn't thought about some / all of the points you mention.

    Does that mean a landlord cannot have a sexual relationship with a rent paying tenant because it would be deemed abusive ?

    I wonder how that applies to couples who split the rent 50 / 50 when the tenancy is in one of their names only ?
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    Is 50/week near market average or well below market average where you live?
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    Do not make that decision based on their attractiveness.
    Do not make sexual or romantic advances in this way, unless this person does it beforehand. Otherwise, you might be pressuring them into a situation they don't want, just to avoid homelessness.
    Holy fuck, if you do this, you are an exploiting piece of shit.
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    About 1/3 market rate.
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    Another interesting analysis I hadn't thought of.

    There sure are a lot of ways to look at one thing isn't there !

    No wonder its hard to predict the future..
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    @Nanos it's a slippery slope. It can be done of course. There are households that work this way but I'd say a fair price and agreement have to be a base for the business part of the relation for things not to get awkward. As soon as favours are going to factor in it gets really tricky.
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    Depends on intentions but safest is to treat it like a business deal.
    When it becomes a business deal, romance should not be pursued during duration of stay and it should be absolutely clear it is a business deal. You pay rent we don't date.
    If the guy is fair, then no moves to take advantage of the girl by making her fall for him and get free lodging.
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