And now my manager came up with a hack (by working with HRs) to bypass org policies to give me solid raise and a promotion.

He has been trying this for past 2 months to get all the approvals and he doesn't even know I cracked 2 jobs.

I am still awaiting offer letters from both but then not sure what should I pick once everything materialises!!

Well too early to plan or celebrate. Awaiting things to happen.

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    Here's what to do in an easy three step process

    1) Get some vodka and shrooms
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    @molaram How does that solve my problem?
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    @F1973 easier to wait I guess?

    vodka solves any problem btw

    why so serious?
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    @molaram I am willing to wait for no more than 30 days as that is my notice period.

    Serious because money is involved which will buy me that Vodka.
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    LMAO my manager sent me a sample resume to update and apply to a job internally.

    I fucking love my boss. If this was not for money, I'd stay for my boss.
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    @F1973 hey same with me... Then needed an internal interview.. With my boss... Now the offer is stuck at HR approval for the last N weeks....

    I Told parents like a month ago I'm getting promoted as boss said I passed with flying colors...

    So now still sitting around and waiting,..

    And well I sorta feel my motivation to get things done went from normal to high to now normal and dropping....
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    @donuts Hang in there. HRs are biggest assholes in this world.
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