Every Dev needs this signature

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    Also: "Critical" for you doesn't mean "critical" for me.
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    At a previous job for some very special sales folks:

    I'd be on the phone with the customer and the sales guy or the customer would rant about how this has been a problem since forever and support dropped the ball, yada yada ...

    I'd always start asking about what other tickets were opened "Because this one was just opened today". Inevitably we would discover ... none.

    I burned a couple sales guys with that one a few times.*

    *Granted I knew the lay of the land so I could do so. Not advised if you're not sure about the outcome.
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    @N00bPancakes People who are worried about not knowing the outcome could word it differently. "Oh, it's been a problem for a while? Can you send over the ticket number(s) from previous reports so that I can see what has already been tried?"

    That way, you either get some relevant information for solving the problem or just the nice feeling of schadenfreude when they come up with nothing.
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    @EmberQuill Oh that's certainly how I / anyone should do it.

    You want to help, you want all the information you can get to uncover this travesty that we've not fixed this thing for months! Those tickets will help us figure how we could have ever so gone wrong!

    Just play semi-dumb, if there are tickets, awesome, if not ... it becomes pretty obvious for everyone what is up.
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    This falls into a category of signs alongside other classics such as, "No Solicitors."

    What it actually says is, "The Person in front of me is my priority; I'm too nice to say no to anyone so I need a sign to be tough for me." Just like "No Solicitors," actually means, "I will buy anything."

    And if you don't think that's true, I would counter that someone managed to sell them the sign in the first place.
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    Where can I buy this sticker?
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    @SortOfTested those signs often sold together with that office mugs featuring cringy office or code jokes printed on them
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    This seems witty at first. If I were a manager I would see this person as someone who is not reliable in a crisis. Shit happens, and when it happens to you, karma can be a bitch.
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    @Demolishun Yeah I share the sentiment of the sign....but that's a problem / policy that should be a department policy thing. Random sign, bad idea.
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