New cooler for CPU installed.

Damn it. Was long overdue, old cooler was way undersized after an CPU upgrade.

I knew it would be tricky. But damn... My motherfugging stubbornness.


1mm over RAM heatspreader, took a long time getting blindly the cooler fixed... Screwing blindly isn't fun.

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    The two holes are the access to the screws.

    Noctua NH-C14S - since the case is insulated, a top blow cooler wouldn't fit
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    That's why I have a classic midi tower, and a bit wider than standard so that I can fit a 15cm cooler (front blower).
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    No space to slap a 240/280 AIO somewhere?
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    @kamen not a fan of water cooling.

    It's running silent with air. ;)

    I like the air flow of the case now, and CPU is reaching 55 to 60 ° C when stressing all cores compiling (Gentoo) or crunching data. Which is pretty good.
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    Care to share pic of yo rig?
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    Speaking of CPU, have you seen he 5000 series announced last night? It's mighty interesting to see AMD coming back from the dead since the Ryzen 3000!

    PS: The price increase in the mid tier models is unfortunate, though
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    @Jilano Yes.

    The system was first built in Januar 2019… Because I needed an replacement.

    My workstations usually last 4 - 5 years, then performance becomes an issue or something's bad (dead USB ports a common case)...

    Upgrade was to get rid of the AsRock mainboard. Piece of Crap TM.

    Nanoxia CoolForce 1
    Ryzen 5 3600 Mantisse
    - previous AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 
    - Ryzen 5 2400 G had all kind of issues...
    Asus B550 TUF Gaming
    - previous AsRock B450M Pro4
    - wanted test AsRock, will never buy again
    - countless issues and weird stuff TM
    G Skill Ripjaws V K2 GSK. DDR 4 - 3200
    - 2x 16 GB
    be quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 550W 
    SanDisk Ultra 3D 500GB
    Chieftec CardReader CRD-801H USB3
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    And yeah. I don't upgrade to Ryzen 5000 ;)

    More... Ryzen 10000 or what ever xD
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    @Jilano I wouldn't say AMD is coming back from the dead with Ryzen 5000; they came back from the dead with the first Ryzen and have been pretty alive ever since, at least on the CPU front.
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    Shouldnt ypu install it 90° to the other side? Because it now looks like it is blocking airflow.
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    @Gregozor2121 Makes more sense to see the full build.

    Yes there is an SSD flying round in the bottom corner. Me no cares. It's windows SSD.

    The case has an thick insulation layer oj both panels.

    The HDD cage left is connected to an RAID card unter the graphics card (for data / games).

    In front of the HDD cage is an cooler which sucks air in (air flow inside the case).

    At the top of the case, above the CPU cooler and right of the CPU cooler are two fans which blow hot air out (leading air flow outside the case).

    Was the second reason I wanted the CPU cooler under the alu block. It now blows the cool air upwards, indirectly cooling the RAM.

    What's not visible is that directly next to the big black heatspreader close to the left side of the CPU cooler are the capacitors.

    That's the final reason I wouldn't rotate the cooler by 90 degrees... It would generate heat zone, as the heat spreader from the CPU would be directly above the capacitors. (and I think it wouldn't fit ;))
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    @kamen Hence why I specified "Ryzen 3000". They were the first, in my opinion, to really shine
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    @IntrusionCM What's with the insulation? What's that case? My case also has some, but it's like < 2 mm thick, and fits a 170 mm (or something like this) tower cooler no problem.

    P.S. An open top panel largely negates insulation on the side panels.
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    @kamen Read the thread - components are written down.

    Yeah. Usually the case is closed, but without light a picture is hard to make ;)

    The top blower would blow cool air down on the block and sits directly in front of the insulation. The other way round just makes more sense.
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    @IntrusionCM I prefer front to back airflow. I guess that is just prefrence. Some testing wouldbe interesting though.
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