Should I consider myself lucky ?
I got a very nice manager . He really understands us. Genuinely saying.

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    Some of us got to manager position after years as a developer. I would expect that understanding and fighting for your employees was a natural aspect and idea of being a manager, but I know damn well it is not.

    Work with the dude as much as you can and always be a team, as long as you are a team player and as long as he holds to his end of the bargain then you have literally nothing to worry about.

    I have told people to go fuck themselves in the most politically correct ways during management meetings whenever they try to fuck with my guys because I know how much of good people they are.

    Shit like this makes a difference in working conditions, and a manager that is scared of putting his neck on the line for his employees is not worth the title and position.
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    @AleCx04 Well said . What I understood that the behaviour that made this cool environment in our head with the manager is really appreciating . So yeah .....
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    @spantheslayer glad to know you are in such a place man, specially consider how a lot of people here are surrounded by counts. Learn as much as you can from that attitude and pull whatever you can into your own self, as to when you become a manager yourself you will be legendary!
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    @AleCx04 I'll remember that :D
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    Blink twice if they threatened you into posted this
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    @uyouthe No . I don't think the manager even knows if Devrant even exists. And we barely talked about anything apart from job related stuffs.
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