Uptight colleague: "It's Thursday. Why are you wearing jeans?"

Me: "Um... Dress for the job you want?"

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    Nothing wrong with wearing jeans.
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    I used to do this all the time when in the corporate world. Dressed casually unless there was a meeting with outside customers.

    I dressed for the job I wanted, alright. I wanted to work from home!

    Which I now do. After moving from North Carolina to beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. ;)
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    @DebCinkus I sometimes think, "You're lucky I'm even wearing pants"
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    I'm happy at my job, it's business casual. When I first got there it was Polo/button up and slacks. They've since changed it to include jeans which makes me so happy!
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    I think we should dress to feel comfortable in the work environment. I myself am not fond of suits I like to wear casual. But there's a limit though, jeans are fine. Tracksuit isn't :P
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    Imaginary uptight colleague: "Jeans? We're in the IT business. You can't come here dressed like Satya Nadella or Sergei Brin!"
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