Been dabbling with it here and there and I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to fully switch to vim as my main editor, so any advice to make me want to keep using it or that people should just be aware of when starting with it?

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    Basically when you are pissed off by using mice and maybe holding Shift key.
    Use appropriate plugins for Vim to highlight syntax and to get hints like in IDE.
    Personally, I'm still a little more used to holding Shift to select what I want in full fledged IDEs or another text editor like nano.
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    There's a vim tutorial that comes with vim, just type vimtutor into bash, it's really good
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    @SortOfTested Arguments for this over spacemacs? (been using spacemacs on and off, so not committed yet)
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    You use it if you prefer vim to emacs.
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