I joined devRant just to rant about a devRant bug. The irony.

If a rant is a bit longer, it will overflow and cause various bugs. Usually, the comment button is basically getting out of sight, especially on rants with many comments.
I already saw this issue multiple times and it's driving me crazy every time.

devRant, please fix your CSS

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    I think its made shitty on purpose. IDK
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    Beggars cannot be choosers :)
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    Same problem on Quora, it's not easy to fix, you would know if you have tried CSS.
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    In frontend development, you don't fix CSS... CSS fixes you.
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    @vigidis I should write more CSS then
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    @theabbie I think testing CSS is often more the problem. No way you're gonna find that bug in quality control if it only affects my device/screen/browser combo.
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    @Neyxo You can't fix that through CSS, only way is to strip very long words, If you want to know why it's tough, try doing that through CSS.
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    Post an issue it the github tracker or, even betta, make a PR hehe
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    @theabbie you can break by every char afaik or elepsis could be nice solution 🤔
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    @rooter Not in CSS
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    @theabbie hmm, I'm sure that I made tiled apps that did it. But sadly, I'm too lazy to prove myself
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    @rooter Maybe possible then, but still it's better to strip out long words as they don't have any use
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