So I have recently joined a company that is very different from the usual exploitive "you are hired. make me the next tiktok in 4 hours" culture.

I would often rant about those and like how i am uncomfortable in an environment like that.

But here I am finding a problem of being too free. Like, they hired me to work on their product, have given me ample time to look into the code and get familiar with it, and poof , they are gone. The codebase is huge and I feel like lost in a big library with millions of books(analogy to their modules and inheritance classes) .

They did took a meeting once and cleared a little of my doubts, but after that nothing. I also know that from monday, they are going o give me tasks and i am freaking out about it. In the code, I would read 4 lines and on the 5th line there would be something that i do not understand or have used before. Problems are coming up with respect to my gaps in basics, knowledge of advance libraries and architectural knowledge.

I tried to find some direction, like I tried to follow the code from the start point of the app, but there is so much inheritance that its 2 days and i haven't been able to see the full code behind a very basic , single screen.

Please help, what should I do? I feel like there should be someone to tell me what code is working and how, but I don't even know whom to take this query to , or if they would be willing to do that or just tell me to "shut up, you spoonfed baby" and fire me

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    some techs being used that i think i am allowed to tell : CLEAN architecture, coroutines, dagger, kotlin's weird scope function (let/run/apply/with/etc)
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    Are you the only dev?
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    @N00bPancakes nope they do have 3-4 devs actively working on the project
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    @yowhatthefuck probably time to ask them
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    @N00bPancakes I tried asking the one who i think is the junior-most of the 4 . Said I have come up with a list of doubts , can he please setup a virtual meeting . He didn't replied.

    I asked some other queries in the main channel to but to no reply

    I am not sure if that's the action they want me to take. I am guessing they have rather left me to explore stuff on my own and want me to come up with some explanation on day4. At the same time I am panicking since 2 days are gone and I haven't figured out like only 1% of stuff . Not sure weather to continue exploring slowly or to ask them and face consequences :(
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    my past experiences have been shit. I don't realize when I am asking too much( that I become a pita and declared as incompetent) or too little (that I am declared as not-working)
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