Get to a client office and find this...

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    Yup. Have to make the best of a bad situation :) #win4ever :)
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    Why the hell not?
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    OS X is better but even if you don't like it, the next best thing is Linux :)
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    @kpenc *whatever OS the person likes is better :p
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    Yeah... our receptionist also has a Mac booted with Windows.
    Reason: it's more representative than a normal monitor 😥

    Not saying Mac or Windows is better but com'on
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    I once installed Windows 10 on a Mac Mini. It ran better than OS X. It was still quite terrible to work on it, but at least I didn't have to wait several seconds to see stuff when switching between applications.
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    The thing here is that there is no point. You pay thousands od dollars to get a Mac and then you dont even conform to that and install Windows, an OS which is not even designed to work with it. If I shelled out that much cash for something, at least I would stick with OS X to make most of my money.
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    @pxgamer Yeah, thats why it doesn't make sense to me. Are people buying it just because it looks pretty and "premium"? If you want to use linux or windows in the end, why not buy something else. For the same amount of money, you can get a waaaay more better and faster non-mac machine :)
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    @arekxv People pay that money to be a part of the special snowflake club. Not because OS X is good. Secondly, some people want to have pretty hardware and Apple delivers on that. Thankfully, M$ Surface now looks really good to take care of that.
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    My Boss does the same thing, he limes the look of it but needs windows
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