Just cos everyone loves react so much I give it a new try.
npx create-react-app test
And I have a folder test that weights in at 266 MB. And an environment that will completely disguise any JS error I might create. For what bloodymir gain?

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    Some of my starting auto generated projects weigh in at a few gigabytes :p (not web though)
    266mb is nothing for dev
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    @RememberMe for a js dev*

    My projects never exceeded 10mb in size, unless js was involved
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    @frogstair that's like... nothing. If it works fast enough for you to work with it, it shouldn't matter at all. If you get increased productivity by using a library that takes a ton of space that you can afford anyway, do it.

    Plus, bundled and minified react apps are decently small and fast.
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    Welcome to the npm dependency tree. A production hello world react app should be around 30kb minified and gzipped
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    Well you're basically installing an entire IDE into your node modules. Compilation, static analysis and other features and tools for multiple programming languages, error overlays and integrated web servers to power stateful hot reloads and much more.

    If you just want to play around with it,
    - don't use a build setup at all (just go with a single index.html, can use MS Word if you want)
    - use a lightweight build setup like Snowpack or Vite
    - use an online editor like CodeSandbox, CodePen, Glitch...
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