Seriously guys, this needs to stop...

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    Users arent willing to pay for content, they also arent willing to view ads. I dont envy people who work for a site thats product is specifically content based.
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    @Ronald Personally I'm not against ads providing the following is met:
    1) Content is actually worth it
    2) The page isn't 99% ads 1% content...
    3) The ads aren't intrusive
    4) the ads don't lag the page...
    I've turned my adblocker off on a few sites that I use, trust and am happy to support.
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    Thanks for the fork idea. Time to make a fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckadblock...
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    @burtybob so fuck the others but still use their content. Even is their ads are shit, you're getting benefit from their content, and if you want the content that's the price you have to pay.
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    @drecdroid to many times I have seen malware on serious websites (even on imgur.com). This has to stop otherwise I am okay with paying but I won't view ad on sites which I don't trust enough.
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    Advertisement model is horribly broken. Have you listened to software engineering daily about ad business and fraud? The website such as newssites get just 40%of the revenue, and most of the ads are not even seen by users, but by bots.
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    I don't get this ad thing... Who in the world said "look at this unrelated picture to context of the things I want to see, let's click" or who actually bought something through external ads ? I didn't and none of people I know did.
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    In reality adblock is less about blocking ads and more about blocking malware and sanity-destroying nagbanners.
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    @burtybob I love stackoverflow's ads, they're relevant, non intrusive and don't lag the page. I happily disable my adblocker for them. More sites should advertise like this.

    Reddit's ads are also pretty good.
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