Everytime someone says the phrase "edge computing" I die a little inside.

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    In the networking world 'edge' meant devices closest to or at the end of the network where individual devices and computers were attached.

    It was a legit technical term in networking land when I was there.
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    Edge computing edge computing edge computing
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    @alexbrooklyn thank you now I'm dead
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    In mapping and modeling, computing edges (and looking for holes/interstices) is one of the build steps.

    Computing edges of compound objects is also a prime consideration in physics simulations.
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    Finally. *gets the autobattery and starter cables*

    Let's see if we get you u back to working
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    Why? It's a useful term imo. Suppose I have an application that deploys thousands of low power ML accelerators in physical nodes across multiple locations with the accelerators crunching data onsite. What would you call such a node? "Edge computing device" is pretty fair.
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    @RememberMe the problem I think is the buzz word usage where user of it hardly knows what they talk about ;)
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    Yeah, like many things, it used to mean something specific and useful - and has now been redefined to mean "fast and cool bro" in the common vernacular.
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    bleeding edge computing
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