One of my worst meetings, as the sheer rage was unbelievable.

Architect: "Stop duplicating code", "stop copy pasting code", "We need to reuse code more", "We need to look at a new pattern for unit tests" etc.

Architect: What did you want to talk about?

Me: I built a really simple lightweight library to solve a lot of our problems. Its built to make unit testing our code much easier, devs only need to change a small bit of how they work.

Architect: I like the pattern a lot, looks great ... but why a library? can we not just copy the code from project to project?

... do you have a twin or something?

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    Haha decentralised thinking much xD
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    With that logic, no OOP or API is useful! Heck fubctions, too, are useless! Keep your code as un-DRY as possible!
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