Hi guys. It's unicorndev again.✨

Yesterday I made a post on a CLI app that brings your Github feed to the terminal. And the response from you guys was very nice. Since that was the initial release there were some minor bugs and issues left. So I just released v1.2.2 with some of these issues fixed ex:

- Filtering out depandabot events.
- Detecting Github user name the right way.
- Adding update notifier for future releases.

If you installed the tool yesterday then please update it to the latest version. Thanks :)


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    quick update
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    @EDragon Yes. The main reason was that the initial script I wrote to detect the git username from the users system was not very reliable so I wrote a dedicated lib for that task last night and used it in the cli app and now the app detects the username right away and working in most of the OSS.

    here is the lib I wrote for that:

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