Thanks vscode devs for the feature where they automatically map the local ports to remote port that are needed to run the node based application and also to the devs those who write such a great extensions (remote development, gitlens, docker and kubernetes)

No more ng serve -host
No more remote_ip:4200 in browser.

These two steps were so much frustrating whole pulling or checking out another branch.

I just need to learn how to run maven from vscode where I have to add another project in dependency.(never worked on maven before and hate long nested xml). AFTER that never booting vm in GUI.

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    If you don't like using XML, you might want to try Gradle
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    @stop how is virt manager relevant here?
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    @asgs I know gradle, Infact gradle is my first choice. But here its not my choice. And I don't have any option. Just looking at the lengthy pom.xml makes me dizzy. Where as in gale, the range thing will look like open book and much smaller cause of groovy.
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