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    @010001111 IIRC David said the reason they don't have a PWA is because they want to have people download the app. It's where their supporter program is, and allows for more control over development since it's closer to native.

    After two years the PWA landscape has continued to evolve, maybe their perspective has changed. The point stands that you cannot purchase devRant++ from a PWA.

    The point also still stands that supporting the technology for a PWA (what that means now and will mean in the future to maintain) is yet another developmental expense incurred by our one developer who has a full time job elsewhere.

    I personally worked on a PWA as an exercise but devRant really doesn't need another web-based client. So I didn't really pursue that and still, I will not.

    As it stands, PWA isn't a "good" alternative to native, it's just an improvement to the web experience. And that's probably how it always will be, since app stores can't profit from PWA.
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    @AlgoRythm PWA is not something set up by Google, They might highly support it, but they are doing it for everyone's good. Regarding your point, "PWA is not a 'good' Alternative to Native App", PWA is not an alternative to Native App. But, Show me one native feature used by DevRant that can't be implemented in PWA. David's concern is absolutely valid, He has to look after his profit. His motive to encourage people to use mobile app is also valid.@010001111 just wants to make an alternate client, and, there's nothing wrong in that. There's nothing wrong in having a PWA instead of current web app, and, if David supports him, that will be much better.
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    The mobile apps for DevRant are already made, otherwise, It does not need a Native app, That's a Fact.
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    @AlgoRythm DevRant++ can be easily bought from a PWA. I am not justifying any need to not have mobile app. But there is no excuse as to why PWA is not capable of all that is needed.
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    PWA is that retarded pseudohtml thingy designed so that google doesn't have to bother with parsing sites the normal way anymore, right?

    fuck PWA
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    @Midnight-shcode no that’s a different thing for news.

    PWA are just web apps that feel like native apps.
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