We have this one professor in a mathematics course.
He sits there having no plan of what he's doing. He literally opens his python Jupiterbook with latex enabled, writes a complex equation and tries to solve it in 10 minutes. Makes mistakes every few steps and deletes his formatted equation that isn't even interpreted yet (we see the cdot etc. instead of * which makes it even harder to read). Every few minutes some student corrects him and he deletes it again.

Why can't you just think first and then write and try to teach us?
Use as much time as you want as long as you don't have to keep reverting back the humanly unreadable latex equation.

Hell, you are also allowed to use a basic pen and paper. Trust me, that shit is more readable, even if you have a bad handwriting, than your squeezed in complex untranslated latex equation in Jupiterbook.

Btw. he also streams with no zooming in I might add.

Am I supposed to trying to read your small as shit, focus on what you're teaching while you keep making mistakes or write it down on paper and practice the given tasks?

On top of that, he records the zoom conference but he doesn't share it anywhere on the college forum so that people who have missed it can download it and rewatch it.

Everything he does makes no sense. How did he become a mathematics professor with a PhD?

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    Education lockdown edition 😂
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    The collegiate system is fundamentaly flawed and it's more about money than education for the universities. Elon Musk is for the most part against it as well. He even made a special school if I remember correctly.

    I'd value and hire a person with real world experience over a book learner every time.

    I was a butcher for nearly 10 years because my father used to own a shop and I worked my way up from the bottom learning as I went.

    I got zero special treatment just because I worked for my father. In fact I was treated worse then his other employees.

    It really bugs me that there are literally college classes to be a butcher. You don't need even a highschool diploma to be a good butcher. Or any traditional schooling for that matter.

    You learn by doing. I'm a very big advocate for paid apprenticeships. Like the old days before everyone got it in their heads you gotta go to university for everything.
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    It is more efficient to write by hand and stream it
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