It's not that my work is hard. Basically, all the work I do these days is something I've done before with a slight twist on it.

I just feel underappreciated.

"bUt u mAkE sO mUcH mOnEy dO uR jObBbb!!"

How much money I make should not suppress how I feel at a company. Two years without a raise, every company meeting is a circle jerk for the sales team, and whenever our work is mentioned it's "Great job to the PMs for getting this to our clients."

Fuck you guys. Lol. This is a team effort from all sides, but to put engineers last on the "kudos" ladder is just so shitty.

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    I think the quote you mention depends on context.

    Plenty of folks out there making jack shit working their ass off .. also not appreciated / hate it.

    That doesn't mean you can't feel how you feel, but it is maybe worth noting the perspective.
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    @N00bPancakes @drewbie The “other people have it worse” is pointless erasure. Just because someone else lost their leg doesn’t mean I’m not going to take something for my migraine, nor hide my pain.
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    I worked for a company like that. I called it Hell, and still refer to it that way.

    I was the sole developer. There was a part-time accountant and a lawyer on retainer, and the rest of the company was all sales. There was also a second mobile dev contractor who sucked the “CEO”’s dick every chance he got.

    Every meeting was a sales (“biz-team”) circle jerk, and they continually shit on “dev team.” Unrealistic deadlines, refusal to listen, no cares for complexity or debt, no forethought or attempts to answer “why” besides “the customer asked for it” or “i promised it to them.”

    I distinctly remember my boss (the “CEO” / king douche) saying: “I am a promise-maker. You are a promise-keeper.” — which really illustrates the culture at that company.

    Another quote from him: “Everything is about the sales pitch!” The guy had a bookshelf entirely filled with books on sales. All he talked about was sales. Every time he opened his mouth he was selling, be it about his favorite restaurant, why he bought his car, his opinion of the weather, and especially: why he is right and why you are wrong in every possible way. His entire worldview was selling. And he was an abusive fuck on top of it.

    It was an incredibly stressful, and completely thankless job. I’m glad I left.
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    Some jobs pay very well exactly because they are very shitty (finance and management consulting come to mind). Your compensation is in part from that, whether directly or indirectly.
    Now you may want to accept a lower compensation with a more palatable job, or not
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    Money and appreciation does not come together usually in any technical job, you either get a fat check or you get your balls licked
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    The only question is can you make equal or more money and feel good at another place?

    If the answer is no you still can pick less money and be happy!
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    I had this.

    It’s the dream. You’re in coast mode. You’ve already solved all the problems and automated everything to the point your job is now 45 minutes of pressing the same buttons daily and 7:15 of fucking off.

    And it sounds like it’s great, and for a time, it is. But god damn it eventually wears thin.

    There’s only so much shit on the internet to consume and it’s almost all toxic anyway.

    TBH, either learn to enjoy the coast, or if you can’t get over that hunger to solve new things... GO DO IT!!!

    Start looking for another job. Look for something on the fringe of what you can do and “fake it till you make it”

    Spend a weekend trying helplessly to figure something out that’s over your head like when you were a kid.

    But also, be so thankful for a job you can cruise at in these times. I know what you’re feeling all too well, but I know the freelance working your ass off 16 hour days and billing for 10 side too.

    They both have pros and cons.
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