Technology usability for human race test 1

Imagine you get out of prison after 30 years and you want to call somebody.

Now find person who will borrow you phone or find phone booth.

Well good luck !

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    it depends. if you are in the US its hard and leads to an depression, in others you could start with a an job, if you would get one.
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    @stop Don’t go that far just try to make phone call. It’s already big struggle even when your phone die and you need to call.
    Do you even remember any phone number right now ?
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    @vane in germany you get an resocialing in the last months of prison time, that means that you can get in contact with groups that help with a new jobs and housing. its not an here you go and never come back.
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    @stop maybe but can you call someone without possession of the phone ?
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    @vane yeah - just lift it off some poor sucker then spend the rest of the day trying to figure out the magical mystery box.
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    @vane i must say that the german law is much different. the longest limited time you can spend is 15 years. other than that there is the lifelong sentence for murder and if someone is considered as an thread for himself amd other by an judge. the minimum is 6 months.
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    @stop USA bad?
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    @vane By the time you're making that phone call you're past at least a few weeks of resocialization, and you probably have an appointed helper who will help you find a phone.
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    Society lends itself to power users, not newbies.
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