Look at this beauty.

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    Are those GitHub Actions? How are they? Wanted to try them but I wasn't sure if it's there yet.
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    @Marl3x They're pretty neat actually
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    What intrigues me is that Gidpod button. Do they have some fancy GitHub integration?
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    @ScriptCoded Yeah. Just press it and you get a completely working vscode instance in your browser.

    It’s super dope. You can run the project and everything without doin anything locally. They even support 80% of all extension!
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    @Marl3x Was also my first time trying them. Definitely waaayyy easier than anything I’ve seen so far. Also super simple to add your own runners.
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    @010001111 Nice! So is that some custom stuff or a GitHub integration? Couldn't find anything about it with a quick search
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    @ScriptCoded It’s the official gitpod chrome extension that adds the button
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