Question for experienced folks:

How to cultivate the mindset of 'love your skills/paycheck and not your job/employer'?

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    I don’t know about you but I’ve never cared about the client I’m working for, I just try to enjoy the tasks I like and get the annoying ones as quick as possible out of the way.

    Also Never get pressured, that fucks up the whole spirit. If you need to do overtime well then let it be, but don’t rush it so you can go home early.
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    @010001111 I enjoy my task but I often have a silly feeling of 'being part of something bigger than myself' or 'I am having an impact on millions' which fucks me up.

    Or is it just Stockholm Syndrome?
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    @F1973 The side road worker is also part of something bigger and makes an impact on millions of people using the road.
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    @010001111 you are brutal but you speak the truth. I like you.

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    I think it's a question of boundaries. Boundaries are important, everyone should have them.

    It's ok to care about the product, even the company... but remember it isn't YOUR product or even company. If they're paying you, they they own the code and the product and the company.

    They've got every right (right or wrong) to succeed or fail or be idiots as much as you do in your life.

    In the meantime you're exchanging your services for money. If they want you to do something stupid, again that's their call, they're paying you to do something stupid.

    They can even value you less than you think they should, and that's their business decision (and yours).

    *Now beyond that I think that there are job situations where you can't separate things, truly negative environments, bosses, etc that just suck and no amount of boundaries will protect you. Humans aren't robots.
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    @N00bPancakes great points. Thanks.
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    @N00bPancakes Came here to say this. 🙂
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    I was attempting to fix the image QuickLookPreviewController for my rewrite and I noticed your rant multiple times :D
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    @OmerFlame within any rant, hit refresh multiple times without allowing page to load...

    You'll see comments repeat for as many times as you hit the refresh.

    It's a known bug.
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    I like money.
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    @F1973 it’s unrelated to the bug, your rant just appeared in the feed my app fetched every time :D
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    @OmerFlame I am omnipresent bitch...

    Bow down to me now you filthy peasant 😎
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