Debugging, an art of detecting a crime which you may have done back in time with an urge to puch your own face after discovery.

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    I'm actually happier after a successful debugging session. But wanting to raise a fuck you finger to indecisive clients or previous developers of crappy code, during calls or debugging, yes most definitely.
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    @iamai what if that previous developer was you with bit of not so thorough mindset
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    be kinder to yourself? Nothing's perfect :)
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    I('d) still say fuck you to my younger self..
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    The only thing worse than debugging is when you call it a night with something broken... then wake up and it works and you can't figure out why.

    But you don't want to look stupid so you just go with it and hope it doesn't bite you in production...
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    @codecrow 5AM typo I'm embarrassed :(
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