I pitched a homebuilt Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT automation solution for my weed guys grow op.

Now the fucker wants me to actually build it and to pay me in weed.

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    Sounds like a great plan(t)
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    Dreamjob or what?
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    Say yes Say yes Say yes
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    Weed is expensive with all the fucking taxes and middle man shit with going legal. It's cheaper to buy black market. This whole making sure it pure and not have something dangerous is an excuse to jack the prices up and middle man the shit out of consumers. Seriously. Fuck legal weed.
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    Ok. So I'll need a Pi4 ($60). There's several prebuilt 110v plug controllers that can be controlled by a pi. Not as cheap as a hat, but easier to use. ($30)

    The AWS IoT account should stay plenty low enough to be and stay free tier for the duration of his operation.

    Need to build a simple web app, with small DB, to control timers on 2 lights and one pump. Should also be small enough to fit on a free tier EC2 T2.micro...

    So really it's just dev time... which could be substantial. Lets just say 40 hours.

    40 X my normal $50 is two grand.

    Two grand worth of weed is lets say 10 ounces...

    But he gets it at cost... so I'm going to tell him I'll do it for a pound.
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    @stub yeah fuck not being fucked by the law /s
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Careful about security, you don't want anyone to go to jail because of a bug/leak.
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    I mean, I've heard of worse offers. If you smoke, that is.
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