I'm going to have a test tomorrow... And I still don't know the grade of the test I've done over 1m ago (2nd of November)... And people are saying the teacher told them the grade is coming tomorrow when he told us on my class (2 different shifts) that it was coming out today... Someone send help please
In the uni's regulation it says that if teachers don't release our grades for a test 3d before the next one, we can talk to our pedagogic commission and ask to do something about it. People from my course on fb were talking about asking to remove the minimum grade on the average of our 2 tests, but IDK how that situation is and I don't think there's much we can do about it so on top of tomorrow's test. And changing the date of the test isn't really an option because we have 3 tests left on the next week and 1/2 and it's all so on top of each other so the only solution would be to make it after the 20th (that's our last test, and people have already booked flights to go home)

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    @Letmecode Wow thank you. I don't mean to offend, but when I see you comment or rant you always seem kinda mad so I thought you wanted to slap me in the back of the head :')

    I REALLY need to study for this though. Not knowing the grade is kinda wearing me out, yeah, because it's been SO LONG (goddamn informatics teachers I swear), but I also can't focus enough to study for it also because a couple other things got in my mind since I posted the rant and I'm a stressball right now. Not a squishable one.
    And the next test on my queue is also a tough one and there are still like 3 works left (because the same teacher who rules the subject of the test I'm yet to know my grade of decided to give us 4 mini-project things over the semester but we've only done 3 so far and next week is the last week of classes and he decided to squish the last one there; and we don't even end on Friday, we end on Thursday) and 2 tests after that and oh my god I need to juggle my way out of this.
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    @Letmecode Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.

    I really hope so, but time is running too thin for me. The test is at 6pm tomorrow (it's so late, Jesus Christ), so I'm gonna try to relax and play some video games, or just go through what I couldn't grasp 100% today (I'm gonna be up till so late OTL) or try to help other people (who didn't give up) before having it. I have to do it.
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    @Letmecode Yeah, I'm gonna do that. Read a couple more presentations, watch some videos, get back to the slides, and game a bit before bed. Maybe Megadeth can help me relax, I hope :) I can usually mix listening to music and studying (and I prefer studying with music because it blocks out my surroundings) but in the state I'm in now my brain focuses more on the songs (even if I know them well by now) so I'm trying to study without it.

    Yeah, sure. I'll update you on it, not problem
    Thanks for the advice and the motivation :D
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    @Letmecode I don't think I have a favorite yet, I've been jumping around between "Cryptic Writings", "Rust In Piece" and "Countdown to Extinction" mostly. Then it's random songs from other albums (like "In My Darkest Hour", in "So far. So good. So what?" algum, or the songs in "Dystopia", which is a really nice album as well, from what I've listened to so far, I really like "Poisonous Shadows" (the live 360º video is AMAZING) and "Conquer or Die", or "Post-American World"). I've only started listening to them about 1m ago?, due to YT's heavy metal list, and started with "Sweating Bullets" (which is what I'm doing right now :) I'm going nuts) and from then on I found their amazing songs. Nowadays I ditched the lists and just randomly click my favorites in the suggestions part.
    They make me wanna learn how to play guitar tbh XD

    I've never listened to a whole album yet, what do you recommend?
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    @Letmecode "Rust in Peace", not "Rust in Piece". Silly me.
    In "Rust In Piece" I really like "Hangar 18" and "Return to Hangar 18", like, the different between the 2 songs. And how "Millitary Intelligence" doesn't make sense XD. And "Tornado Of Souls". Gotta love the falseto thing he has going on LoL.
    In "Countdown to Extinction" the title song is one of my favorites as well, as well as "Symphony Of Destruction", "Skin of My Teeth", "Sweating Bullets", "Foreclosure of a Dream", "Psychotron", "Captive Honour" and "Architecture of Aggression".
    And then "Almost Honest", "She-Wolf", "Trust", "Use the Man" (Not "Use the Needle". Sorry I'm still getting the songs in my head :')), from "Cryptic Writings", "44 minutes" and "This Day we Fight" from "Endgame", and so on and so forth. Too many albums and songs for a single 1000 comment XD
    Welcome for that reminder :D Have to give it a listen too some time.
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    @Letmecode I was talking to my mom on the phone when I read the line "I'm a dirty pedo" and I almost burst in laughter XD
    Poor birdies XD

    I'm all about old school music bands (my music tastes are stuck somewhere in the 70s/80s, with some exceptions) but there I swing more to rock. Specially Queen. I have an undying love for them.
    Well, when the heavy metal list wasn't populated with Megadeth, I listened to Pantera and a couple Judas Priest songs that crossed my way, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Queens of The Stone Age (I don't think they're even heavy metal but anyway) and Tool, and others. I think I once listened to one of Slayer's songs but I don't really recall it :')
    And now I pretty much only listen to Megadeth XD
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    @Letmecode Thank you :D It's hard to find someone who's not into electronic music these days (or who's favorite music style is electronic. I sometimes listen to some 90s songs but it's not that I really like them(like I like rock or heavy metal), they're just funny because of how silly they sound).
    Well I've mostly listened to Metallica's older songs ("One" made me want to buy the book they sing about, "Johnny's Got His Gun", but I haven't ordered it yet, I think "The Unforgiven (part I)" is one of their new songs but I like that song a lot, "Fight Fire with Fire", and others), and a lot of people don't really like their most recent works - like St Anger; I only know it by name, never actually listened to it. As I said, stuck in the 70s/80s - but I read on some video on YT that they were going to release a new album, IDK when though, or if it's the one you're talking about.
    Never actually listened or heard of them, but I will give them a try.
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    I too like all of this music and have seen most of those bands live.
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    @Letmecode well, if it has a similar sound to their older albums, it may not be as bad as people make it.

    I only go to YT when it comes to listening to music, so I never seem to find those things LoL
    I'll save this comment for when I have the time, I can't go listen to new bands right now :') my brain is already malfunctioning, I can't manage new songs with studying :')

    Thank you :') I hope so too (still no grade from the first test uuugh 😒)
    Our conversation about music last night helped me calm down, thank you for that. Didn't have this sort of conversation in a long time, as most people don't share my taste in music ☺
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    @donkeyScript Oh hey didn't notice your comment there :') Sorry about that
    That's awesome :D
    I myself aren't much for going to concerts and such (loud noises stress me; until a few years ago I cried when I went to watch a match to the stadium of the team I support because people made so much noise whenever we score. I'm used to it by now), but there's also the thing that I don't really hear about them coming to my country (Portugal)... Or when they come I'm busy or something and I can't really go :')
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    @DotM either way your taste in music is good. Have you ever tried the earplugs that are meant to be worn to loud events like sports or concerts?
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    @Letmecode Uuuuuuuuuuh... Moonspell (gothic metal), I don't really know the metal scene in here, like, American and English artists are more known, and portuguese music isn't really my thing.
    http://metal-archives.com/lists/PT/ there seem to be a lot of bands though (almost 1200 :o I had no idea), here's a list :) There're actually bands from the place I'm from XD (I live far away from home because of uni) That's awesome. Moonspell is the best known band though.

    @donkeyScript I don't think I've ever put earplugs on LoL
    But many years of going to the stadium I think created some sort of resistance to the noise. Going to "parties" (only when I have to go because of my parents, like, family parties and such. I don't even think of going to uni parties because it's too much noise for me, and I wouldn't enjoy it anyway) is a whole different story but it's a mix of not wanting to go (what am I doing there, honestly), loud noises, and IDK half the people. It stresses the hell outta me
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    Quick update on this: The grade of the first test finally came out, and it wasn't so bad. The relief is palpable
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    @Letmecode Thank you! Still nervous for the test, but it's not so bad since I know my grade wasn't so bad. I don't know what I was expecting but it was still killing me
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    Last update on the test: It went OK. It wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, even though I kinda killed it in some questions :') I don't think it's bad enough for me to get below 10 though (in a scale of 0 - 20).
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    @Letmecode Well I thought it was gonna be a trainwreck, so I think "meh" beats that LoL
    Relaxed. Until I start studying for the next one, which is on Wednesday OTL
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    I've just bought these 😍 I also wanted to buy "Symphony of Destruction" but the only copies there were were live albums and I don't really like those
    When I was paying the cashier struck conversation with me about the band 😛 man where have these guys been all my life
    I know I could just listen to them on YT but having a physical copy of the albums... IDK it just makes me feel good, specially after I bombed my test today. I was super pumped to go buy these

    PS. for some reason the pic doesn't seem to attach. I've bought "Dystopia" and "Cryptic Writings"
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    Here they are :v :D
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