HR really are the scum of the earth. Especially Indian HR.

I tech interviewed this guy on Friday and rejected him. And I told HR to tell him so. Apparently he was "too busy" to type a darn message.

This poor sod who was apparently laid off and was pretty desperate and so he'd been calling every HR he'd interviewed with the past week and no one picked up, including my HR.

Now this lad had my work number because that's what I did my phone interview on. I don't attend work calls on the weekend, especially not interviewees but I had to tell this poor sod that he didn't make it (it was a bit obvious).

This is the exact same HR who rejected a candidate just because they were 2 minutes late to a video call.

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    Me do first interview with Director of Marketing and Production Manager. Nail it.

    Do second interview with Director of Marketing, Production Manager and CTO. Nail it.

    Do third interview with President/Owner, Director of Marketing, Production Manager, and CTO. Nail it.

    Get offer from HR. "You must complete physical and drug screening at X Hospital by X".

    Welp... you guys sure wasted a bunch of fucking time because your HR department didn't list that you want your employees to take fuckin' physicals.

    Good luck finding a dev that wants a doctor looking at their dick for a job.

    And congratulations to the senior staff at that company for letting HR peons buttfuck them out of several hours time as well.

    Me? I just took the next offer that was better anyway.
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    Current HR is like current AI:
    Has no clue whatsoever and uses statistics over randomly chosen properties to categorize candidates.

    Are you sure, your HR is actually human?
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    I needed to see this rant, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only who just can't stand HR. They make my blood boil.
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    Totally agree.

    That's why I now don't feel guilty ghosting HRs.
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