Why the fuck does windows use 100MB for the efi partition? Like oh hey I will exactly allocate enough space for me. Oh you want ArchLinux and NixOs too? Well fuck you have fun dangouresly moving around partition just to increase the fucking size of the efi partition I just allocated at install-time without ever asking you about it.

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    Same reason why Windows has the habit to overwrite boot sectors and shit: because MS doesn't expect anyone to use anything other than Windows.

    On the other hand, my EFI partition has only 9 MB used (/boot with the kernels is on a separate partition), so the next question is why 100 MB would even be a problem?
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    @Fast-Nop Well I should have used a seperate boot partition as well might have saved me the trouble. Currently its all on the efi partition.
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    @TheSilent My reason for a separate partition is that UEFI expects FAT which of course sucks. That's why I have a 1.5 GB /boot partition so that I can use Ext4 for that.
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah makes sense. But now that I have set up the 1GB efi partition, I don't think I'll bother changing it 😅
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    Let's go over the alternatives then :

    * Windows allocates more. People will complain about the wasted space.

    * Windows will ask on setup. Most people don't even know what an operating system is, so they will call their manufacturers support line (mind you, end users mostly buy prebuilt). Manufacturers will be pissed off. Users are clueless. Indias phonelines will overload and, given the situation, likely burn something.


    The more technical users do what they want themselves. Everyone else has a sensible default that assumes the most likely setup.
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    @ilPinguino Best alternative: offer a choice, but suggest reasonable defaults. The clueless user can just click "OK" and will have it working. This pattern is pretty common under Windows if you think of "wizard" style installers.

    Also, manufacturers won't be pissed about additional choices because they don't use manual setup. They have pre-built complete OS images.
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