Trust me it worked on my machine .

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    Your mother worked on my machine
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    See also: What version of Chrome are you running?
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    @10Dev a junior dev was showing us a demo of a new update and he ran into problem.. he said the above line and ya know it's coders term right.. so I posted
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    Package your machine with the software
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    @theabbie You jest... but as an IoT guy I am now insisting I get at least one physical test device with the current firmware to test from home so I don't have to rely on the client to manage the test devices.

    So basically... ship me one of your ESP32's with your software or get bent.

    Too many times I tell the client I need the test device to toggle some value, and the fuckers say, "Well, I can stand here and flip the switch"

    No, you jackass, I'm going to be working on this for the next 16 hours... you can't just stand there and flip the switch.
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