// example.json
{ "hasCustomerAgreedToTermsAndConditions": no }

Slightly irritated by my IDEs warning, I squinted back at my code. It took me a second too long to spot my mistake. First, I was baffeld at my own incompetence. Then I grew defensive about it. "Why not?!" I thought. "Less typing, so efficient, so much time saved, so wow!"

I realized at that moment, that it was probably best to call it a day and go to bed.

And so I did.

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    It’s fucking

    { legal: false }

    That’s it
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    @uyouthe there are several "legal" check-boxes

    *cries in custom b2b enterprise solution*
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    At the point where you cross the f/e -> service barrier, boolean values obtain even more compressibility than that.via implicit conversion.
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