Ok, i will give a try to crossplateform mobile dev.
So what's ur advice fellow programers ? Xamarin or ReactNative ?
1 choice, 1 argument (main one)

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    How bout flutter? I didn't use it a lot but it seems very cool.
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    1 choice 1 argument? Bwah...

    React Native? If you already know React and want to get your hands dirty real fast. It's still JS, tho.

    Ever considered Flutter? As far as I'm aware it's a purpose built framework in a purpose built language (Dart) that shouldn't be hard for at least JS devs to learn.

    Personally, I'd go for Xamarin, but only because it enables you to use F#.

    That said, I'm not really a cross-platform mobile dev or a mobile dev at all, so I don't really know what I'm talking about. All I know is I have q project coming up wherw NativeScript with Vue makes the most sense (NativeScript also works with Angular, if that's more your cup of tea)
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    Is a responsive website an option?
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    @c3r38r170 you mean PWA? Or just a responsive website...? Sounds like a weird option if someone wants to try their hands at cross-platform mobile development
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    Cross platform go brrrr!! Yasss
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    @100110111 Just a website with a bunch of CSS rules. Every platform has a web browser, right?
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    They’re all shit: flutter, react-native, ionic, they all are garbage.

    Go pwa or go native.
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    @uyouthe what if neither were a viable option and one had to go hybrid?
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    @uyouthe i do already native. But when i finish android im too lazy to do ios for my personnal projects. For clients i am always motivated because of money but for my own projects it's so haaaard haha
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    @100110111 i dont want to go hybrid, thats why i spoke abt react native and xamarin seems they produce native code.
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    @devapsarl react native perf for animations and long lists is shit
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