Hi guys I'm new here. I have been learning python since past few days. And I'm also fimiliar with javaScript as well. but its been quite a while.
Can anybody help me in telling me about stuff that how can I make android apps using python. and what all I need to learn ? looking for a constructive feedback. Thank you.

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    1. Download Android Studio.

    2. Start googling Kotlin and prepare to go deep down that rabbit hole.

    I'm sure somebody here knows a way to use like 3 different compilers to program an Android app with Python... but I sure as shit don't and IMO, that will make the process much harder than just learning a new language.
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    Ther are two options if you want to make android apps with python. You can use pyside2 or pyqt5 as the framework and pyqtdeploy to make the apk. You could also use kivy.

    Though since you are familiar with javascript you could use react native for the app
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    There's transpilers for almost everything, but it just isn't worth the effort to learn something like that. Just learn Kotlin. When you're learning something like Android, the important thing is to learn the concepts and principles of how Android itself works. The language you use to do it is not the relevant part.

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking that if you're comfortable with one language, you need to warp the rest of your world around that fact. Languages aren't that big of a deal. You can pick up enough Kotlin to get by in a matter of days.
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    Go with Flutter. Way easier, simple and better (also you can delivery to iOS). Google is working a lot on it, take a look at the documentation https://flutter.dev/
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