Structure: decades of programming in too many languages to enumerate. I lean functional, but only when the language doesn't fight it. No matter what I'm doing, my code is immutable in practice, if not paradigm.

Syntax: No one thing in particular. I code differently depending on the language.

When I start learning a language, I'll find the standard style checker and create a project where I write an example of every single rule.

The end result is generally a quick intro to the language and a bonus understanding of the hot sports opinion in said language. I call this an ocean boiler.

I lean heavily into autoformatting because I've worked on too many projects to care, and I have a general expectation that something which is important enough to make a code standard is important enough to be enforced in tooling. I'd rather spend my time solving problems that thinking about stylistics.

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    What would the world be like without autoformat and other tooling... I wouldn't want to know. 😇
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    It was pretty manual, you relied on the compiler and didn't care quite as much about person to person styles. You generally got more time to do your work too.
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    @SortOfTested Yes, but I meant it more like: Imagine if all code had to be written without autoformat, IntelliSense etc.... I'd think of random plane crashes, office fires, crashing car... 😄
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    I lived that before time 😋 it was definitely more primitive. People tended to be better engineers though.
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    I love the immutable stuff! Too few programmers care about that.
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