IM TIRED OF WRITING PRETENTIOUS PROGRAMS built with abstractions that demand no knowledge of their roots but only their practicality.

6 years ive worked with server frameworks, monoliths, SPAs, ect.

"User does thing, hits api, api hits data storage of some type, user gets response, UI updates, on forth"

The stacks Ive worked with have always been experimental in that I'm always greenfielding with the newest tooling thats been deemed production ready. This has been fun. I love experimenting. But as of late, im being pulled in a more primitive direction.

Im finding myself writing C on my spare time and taking interest in hands on memory management. Im observing object files and diving into how the assembly delegates instructions. Im re-exposing myself to binary notation and base 2 arithmetic. Im building an 8 bit breadboard on my spare time even though Im coming from zero knowledge of electrical engineering or circuitry of any kind.

Just because I want to get lower. Lower than that and lower than that. I wantto be able to write a program with nothing more then bit switches. I want to understand what register stores what value in what binary representation. I WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHERE IT IS WE COME FROM before going any further.

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    Great! Some suggestions for studying is studying digital design/digital logic, it's the same thing but different name study wise. Then I'd suggest reading about computer hardware engineering, digital design and computer architecture is a good book by D. Harris and S. Harris but also Computer organisation and design by J. Hennesy & D. Patterson. Reading one of them is fine as they go through the same content more or less
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    @matt-jd cool. at first glanse digital design looks similar to what ive been going for. There are just alot of prerequisites that im having to tackle to even get into digital design. Understanding electrical engineering basics at least is enabling me to understand logic gates a little better and how theyre physically applicable
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    @dUcKtYpEd I think most sources should start you off with enough transistor knowledge(only very little is required to understand digital logic as transistors are analog electronics) but that's how we started at my program. Then again I'm not entirely familiar with your background, maybe the very basics of circuits should be known
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    @matt-jd Im in the modern tech scape of things so I really dont need much low level knowledge. You can say im more so looking for a new appreciation of what I do and the right to understand it all on a lower level. I want to tinker with problems around the electrical engineering side of things on my free time as a hobbyist. I think it will make me exponentially better in everything I do on the career side.
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