I have a theory.

Comparison leads to desperation leads to confusion leads to chaos leads to mistakes.

I never learnt to be patient and I did a grave mistake.

God damn fuck!! Got an offer and because the dickhead HR forced me to accept it and I did it without thinking about it twice.

I put myself in terrible position and now I have an offer of 250% from a shitty company which I could have used here.

Damnnn!!!! Only if I was little patient in life, I would have been in better position to negotiate.

Now either I keep hunting for jobs with remaining time or settle down with what I have.

Good thing is, I would learn and be in a domain which will open up great horizons for me in longer run.

However, I have decided to move on from current job focusing on learning and settling down with an okay-ish pay raise (which was my first concern though).

Either ways, even though I fucked up a bit, I see myself in a win-win situation because if my employer retains me I'll demand (and get) more than offer A (less than offer B) else I get to learn and move to another better job in next 6 months to 1 year as advised by my dear friend @AlmondSauce

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    You're doing the classical mistake imho of getting angry for being angry.

    It's okay to rant and vent... But what I see mostly is you're frustrated over decisions you had to make... Because of things that happened - after - the decision was made.

    Patience might be a virtue, but when a decision must be made, it must be made. Waiting too long and an opportunity might be gone.

    Mostly saying that because I struggled a lot of time with this myself.

    Try to be more calm and accept the fact that at that time the decision was made it was the best you could have done.

    Less stressful
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    My *choice* to move away from job I was getting stable pay for comes from my inability to catch upon the coworkers and not getting promised raise. And I regret nothing! Even if it puts me in the worst situation ever, I remember that I lived through similar circumstance time ago, I survived and I'll do it again to spite these short-term opportunities.
    You are out of competition as long as you are above it.
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    There is no use in dwelling on the past, take the lessons you learned and continue forward, make the most out of your current situation, it doesn't matter what the previous situation was. And as always, have a good luck!
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    @IntrusionCM lol yes. I am angry because I am angry.

    I think what you said is right. I wait for perfection and miss the opportunity train often. This has led me to many missed opportunities.

    @vintprox there wasn't no competition as such. I was the top performer hands down for past few years. Just that my shit employer didn't value me and my work. Hence the desperate decision.

    @SoldierOfCode true. Past will only pull me down. I should look back and learn instead of staring at it.

    Overall, I think y'all make sense.
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