Do you get anxious when submitting the PR for review? how do you deal with that?

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    Just assume your code is shit, you deserve to feel bad about yourself and then curl up in a corner and cry.

    After that have a coffee and submit it
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    @alexbrooklyn I didn't realize you moved into my apartment! That explains the sobbing in the closet. How did you know I barely use it? I hope you're doing fine with all the toys and chains in there.
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    @alexbrooklyn that is before the submit, already did that ^_^!
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    @rutee07 The chains really add aesthetics to it all
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    There is nothing to feel anxious about. Not an exam or an interview

    If it is good, you will merge. Otherwise, you will learn something, unless, the reviewers are full of garbage
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    @alexbrooklyn Couldn't have worded it any better! 👌
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    @asgs but it does feel Like an exam tho :/ like what @alexbrooklyn the more i look into my code the more shitty it looks. I would add some minor asthetics every few minutes, which aren't even much important. I would revise what i would say if someone asked a question on this particular line or piece of code... I am just so engrossed in this pr and it isn't even some major pr

    I feel like taking a break away from this pr, and look into other parts of code/read other concepts/do something non tech, but they all feel wrong.
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    Merged successfully. Phew😪
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    no. this is just u. im confident about my work.
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    I see at as a major part of improving code, and thought process while coding. It's a significant learning process.
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    A review is an team effort.

    It's not "your code" … rather the company / project's code. You contribute to your best knowledge at a certain point via an PR, and someone else validates if your contribution meets the company / projects standards.

    Don't be emotionally tied to your own code and think it's "yours".

    You're paid for it and you do your job or (FOSS/"unpaid") you like to improve your knowledge / skillset - find a reason like that and hammer it in your brain.

    I cannot stress this enough: You can be proud of code or don't feel good about it , but don't see it - in an PR process - as your posession and your single responsibility.

    PRs were made for that reason: To collaborate on code contributions instead of being an single responsibility principle.
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