I had an interview scheduled and I was goofing around. Thanks to calendar reminder I rushed for it and internet decided to go down and mobile data saved my ass.

Anyway... 3rd thing to rant about..

Q. How do you identify Hipsters?
A. They cock suck every trendy and cool thing, one up you in all aspect and counter you wherever they can.

So this fucking bitch who I thought was a well wisher started abusing me because I trolled a shit company for their corrupt and judgemental hiring process.

For the records, she is no way related to that company but just because she wanted to counter me in front of everyone to look cool, she did and then texted me abusing full ad hominem mode for why I am a loser in life and she is the wonder woman everyone aims to be.

Now when I look back, I realised all she has done in the name of well wishing is made me guilt trip for not handling her ego and whenever I asked for helped guided me the wrong way.

Thankfully I don't take advise from only one person or else I would have been fucked.

I fucking hate hipsters for this attitude of theirs. Worshiping the trends and downplaying everyone else who doesn't follow the trend or them.

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    The "funny" thing is hipsters have just become the thing they hate, these people are annoying, I especially hate those that shit on stuff just because it's popular, and thus bad, corrupted, and tastless
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    You prolly need to define how you're having the term "well wisher" for the class. It seems to mean something different.
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    @SoldierOfCode and they are too sensitive about everything.

    @SortOfTested my idea of well wisher was quite the standard but then I failed to identify the wrong ones.
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    Hipsters in my country are dumber, I'll be honest. I stumbled into one, and I became a friend with one, but that friendship didn't stay for long, they always went against me too, they kinda shamed me in front of everyone as well... but in addition to their stupidity, they basically had an over-inflated ego as well. I loathed him.
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    @OmerFlame This. Exact same way I am being treated.

    Which is why these days it takes me a lot of time to build good friends.

    Real ones are those who lift you up and not put you down.
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