Why the fuck Lighthouse gives me score >90 when I run it from my laptop but ~70 when I run it from my PC? I know that variability is a thing but that's a tad bit too much.

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    I know, I know, still, I would say it's a bit of an odd behaviour.
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    Your desktop has older hardware?

    If we exclude the internet connection being different (mobile vs wifi, wifi vs lan) and same OS on both machines, then yea, my money is on it's going to be hardware related for that kind of jump.
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    Actually my PC is a rather state-of-the-art machine and my laptop is the neglected goblin I keep under my desk, which makes it even weirder.

    Not to mention that according to profiling I get the content displayed in >200ms - and yet it's not good enough to get 80. What kind of standards do we have now?
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    @msdsk erm, nope, I got nothing.
    Somethings off.

    What's the actual difference in the report?

    I wonder if it's just pageload time which could be external resources taking their sweet time loading.
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    That could be due to:
    - extensions installed,
    - whether or not you did it on a private or normal tab,
    - LH settings being different (e.g. different connection settings)
    - hardware spec differences
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