So yeah... I made an Online Game!

*insert shameless selfplug here*

If you know Skribbl.io - That drawing game in the browser - I made a better version for Streamers and especially Twitch Streamers.

I would love to hear your feedback. If you like to playtest my game: https://twikkel.io/

Outstanding Features:
- Sync Twitch Chat to Game
- Streamer Window
- Kick instead of Votekick
- More Moderation Features

If you like my game, you may recommend it to livestreamers you know. I would love to build myself a little community around my game.

Hope you like it!

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    You're going to get into trouble with that font unless Twitch has released it under OFL. You can try to claim fair use as parody but I don't think that'd fly.
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    I'd be down to get a game goin
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    @junon that's not the original twitch font, it's twitchy with a purple shadow.
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    No enough members to play. Just showing 2 members online
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    @imshravan true. I don't know how to promote it correctly, you guys are the first I'll show it too
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    Donate to a streamer with TTS (maybe one between games or about to end their session) and ask them to try it out.
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