I wanted to build a platform for student who wants to do research and are having hard time finding a good professor within university or from outside, so naturally I started asking professor I knew and this is what I get:

Normally they will only hire students from within university unless student himself has funding, and even with that hiring students from outside is a lot of procedures.

And no, such platform probably won’t be that useful as they get a lot of emails asking about research.

Startup idea instantly killed.

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    Sorry about that. As cool and useful as this would be, academia is just a lot of bureaucracy in general. I'd like this but there's no way around slaving over the forms and endless meetings to get a professor to work with you and get the university to accept it 🙄
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    Screw em, build it anyway!
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    @C0D4 I do want to do that regardless, probably in the next four/five years
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    @Elyz I think all I want to do is to create the passageway that initialize the conversation, exactly how to hire students should not be my problem.
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    @C0D4 I’m just hesitant on weather people will use it in the end, plus my set of skill is not a full stack developer(I’m more of hpc guy)
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    @K-ASS build it and they will come.
    At least it generally works anyway.

    If anything, don't make it specific to a single uni but keep it broad.
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    @C0D4 oh of course it will be a general platform, I’m not thinking about taking over all the bureaucracy, I just want to establish a link, a passage to connect those who look for a research
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