what kind of dumb fuck you have to be to get the react js dev job in company that has agile processes if you hate the JS all the way along with refusing to invest your time to learn about shit you are supposed to do and let's add total lack of understanding how things work, specifically giving zero fucks about agile and mocking it on every occasion and asking stupid questions that are answered in first 5 minutes of reading any blog post about intro to agile processes? Is it to annoy the shit out of others?

On top of that trying to reinvent the wheels for every friggin task with some totally unrelated tech or stack that is not used in the company you work for?

and solution is always half-assed and I always find flaw in it by just looking at it as there are tons of battle-tested solutions or patterns that are better by 100 miles regarding ease of use, security and optimization.

classic php/mysql backend issues - "ooh, the java has garbage collector" - i don't give a fuck about java at this company, give me friggin php solution - 'ooh, that issue in python/haskel/C#/LUA/basically any other prog language is resolved totally different and it looks better!' - well it seems that he knows everything besides php!

Yeah we will change all the fucking tech we use in this huge ass app because your inability to learn to focus on the friggin problem in the friggin language you got the job for.

Guy works with react, asked about thoughts on react - 'i hope it cease to exists along with whole JS ecosystem as soon as possible, because JS is weird'. Great, why did you fucking applied for the job in the first place if it pushes all of your wrong buttons!

Fucking rockstar/ninja developers! (and I don't mean on actual 'rockstar' language devs).

Also constantly talks about game development and we are developing web-related suite of apps, so why the fuck did you even applied? why?

I just hate that attitude of mocking everything and everyone along with the 'god complex' without really contributing with any constructive feedback combined with half-assed doing something that someone before him already mastered and on top of that pretending that is on the same level, but mainly acting as at least 2 levels above, alas in reality just produces bolognese that everybody has to clean up later.

When someone gives constructive feedback with lenghty argument why and how that solution is wrong on so many levels, pulls the 'well, i'm still learning that' card.

If I as code monkey can learn something in 2 friggin days including good practices and most of crazy intricacies about that new thing, you as a programmer god should be able to learn it in 2 fucking hours!

Fucking arrogant pricks!

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    Well _I_ make my WebApp with proper languages using only WebAssembly and Blazor what kind of chimp would think JS is appropriate for a WebApp?


    Edit: I hope SortOfTested doesn’t see this
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    @example-user at least you don use rust to magically generate react app on the server with config file and folder that has prepared sql queries in advance that pulls the data then trigger the deployment of cordova app to the app store with lua script!

    Don't make me started on generating css server side and pushing it with post requests to the frontend!

    That kinda shit, we are swamped with bugs and have really tight deadlines, he thinks about shit like that and sometimes even spend some time doing it, everyone just stare at him asking why would you do that, doesn't help us at all considering the app we are making!

    EDIT: we already have build pipeline built and it is working smoothly without any hiccups to this day
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    @devJs Sounds like Heaven for me, where can I apply? I can assure you my assigned issues take at least three times the expected time and won’t be deployed to the next sprint.
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    @example-user only if you will be afraid to do the needed changes on the code that was fixed previous sprint by someone else. Fear is obviously caused by you being schooled by code monkey when you fucked up by deleting piece of code that monkey wrote to fix critical issue because you didn't know how to adapt it to the new pattern you just wrote and play it like nothing happened while all users are panickly calling about critical thing in the app not working!

    If you are qualified to do that, just let me know! 🤣
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    I'm one of those arrogant guys who always argue how much bullshit JS is.
    But I also switched my job away from this hell, so that I can do what I like and can do best.
    That guy you are describing must be a masochist 😂
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    @Lensflare I totally respect what you did. Just do what you want! You will be happier person and people around you will be happier too.

    I'm even happier that you hate JS and that you stay away from it! Preference is not arrogance!

    It is only sane thing to do, but not this guy I mentioned!
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    Me... regularly writing pure Node, because I’ve come to like Node daemons more than php on cron.

    And because I like ES6 and the way it does async.

    And I like having persistent event handlers. Which can be done in PHP, but I think it’s bokky.

    But meanwhile... hating the ever loving fuck out of React.

    I mean come on.

    They could have chosen Google’s Vue, or Angular, but they CHOSE to use fucking Facebooks MERN stack.

    It doesn’t have to do with JS, or really even front end open source.

    It’s just that react people are Facebook choads.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I am fine with any JS framework/lib you throw at me on both sides back or front.

    Also I try to use Typescript as a default, doesn't make me hate other things from the JS ecosystem, but well, I like JS maybe that's why.

    I am also not hating on other languages, just having opinions and preferences.


    just imagine how awkward would be if game dev is talking shit about c# and saying he hopes that unity will be deprecated early next year and how you can handle that rendering issue more easily with JavaScript and three.js in the browser when asked what is his opinion on the bug that team is experiencing atm and that bug is actually release blocker!

    I have to deal with that shit on every daily standup, just vice versa regarding the tech.
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