Guys just pray that I don't die. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

I am having terrible cold. One of the worse sinus attacks I am having today. Still trying to keep up with everything.

God I don't want to die. Please forgive me for all my sins. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    *Grabs floyd and stuffs him into bed*

    Stay there.
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    Take care and stay strong. You will be fine
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    Take some steam. It will help with cold
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    Stay strong!
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    Dude, just drink tea with lemon and honey, eat a lot of garlic or whatever you have to do and stay strong!
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    God is dead and if you continue crying like that you'll meet him.
    Tl;Dr; don't die, you'll be good if you just don't drown in fear.
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    @F1973 good night floydian
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    Get well!
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    *Grabs @IntrusionCM and stuffs him into the bed to provide warmth.
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    @hashedram grabs @rutee07's throbbing cock and stuffs it...

    Oh did i just say this out loud?
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    make a video from bed. it might be you're last. say everything you want to say to everyone you know.

    I knew someone who was wonderful and amazing. This was before covid. Big old black women, older, was sort of the center of the local neighborhood. She got sick one day, said it was just a cold. Not a day later, she was dead.

    I shit you not, we had *nonstop* traffic of people visiting to pay their respects for almost 72 hours. like "leaving after 4th of july fireworks" levels of traffic.

    And until that time I'd never known she was so loved. But she was always sweet and level headed to me, talked to every guy under 30 in our neighborhood like she was their mother, stern but full of wisdom. literally more wholesome than aunt jimima.

    and I didnt even get to know her properly.

    point is, take the time to leave something for others even if those others are just people online. you never know when you'll go.
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    Get well soon mate! 🤗
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    Get well soon. You should be fine in a couple of days 🙏🤞.
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    Get Well soon human.
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    Stay strong, get a bunch of soup in a thermos, and binge a few seasons of an easy-to-watch TV series. Comedy stuff or cartoons always work well to brighten the mood.
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    UPDATE: I made it through the night to see another light. Feeling better but overall crap.

    @IntrusionCM Aww *stays in the bed nice and cosy*

    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 yes I took steam and will intake some more today.

    @devJs yes drank some ginger tea and second round in a while.

    @Ranchonyx Reminds me of Black Sabbath's God is Dead song. lol I don't want to meet him this early.

    @Root what now 😒😒😒😒😒😒 (breaking the 5 emoji rule kept by @Jilano)
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    @linus-torvald 😏😏😏 good night (didn't sleep well last night 😩😩)

    @hashedram #NoHomo wanna join us baby 😘😘😉😉

    @eval almost loud enough that I heard him coming

    @Wisecrack WTF!!! Stop scaring me. We all know this is just normal cold and not that serious.

    @johnmelodyme thanks nonja pussy cat 😹😹😹

    @bittersweet yes, all of that is in progress. Thanks :)
    I so badly want to binge some good series, but have silly assignments to complete for job interviews.

    @asgs @hubiruchi @uyouthe @Linuxxx @aj7397 thank you guys.
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    *Pokes with stick*
    I hope you're better. Inhaling Vicks diluted in hot water might help clear your nose?

    I'll let @IntrusionCM and @hashedram poke you with something better. 😁
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    *twitches because alive 🤷🏻‍♀️*

    Yes, vicks is the next strategic plan to surprise the viruses/bacteria/whatever

    Ain't no one poking me with anything. Such a disappointment today's kids are SMH..
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    @Root Why are you watering him? He's not a plant

    Except if you're going for that waterboard stuff, then I'm in
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    @F1973 smh?

    Nah... I'm too tired for sexual innuendo.

    @hashedram nah. I don't provide warmth.

    And I sleep alone. I hate sharing a bed.
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    smh = shake my head
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    @Root you absolute savage
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    @iamai You and your stick. Poking humans and frogs all over devRant. Someday you are gonna get poked back.
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    *pokes @Cyanide* 😝
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    @iamai *pokes with fresh bacon*
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    *Borrows @root 🔫*
    No playing with food please 😁
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    @rutee07 Remember that stuff we were discussing yesterday morning? I think you should bring on for @iamai and @IntrusionCM.
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    No you won’t, i have apical fibrosis and I survived I think you can beat your cold
    As stupid as it sounds just be positive, and stay away from google
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    @hardfault Haha yes, I survived and doing well.
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