Last Friday some company invited my project group (I am studying IT) to visit their offices.
After a little speech, they shew us the open spaces (dont feed the developers ;) ). After a few minutes, someone told me :
- "It's a fake, they are not true devs"
-"Why ?"
-" Seriously, who uses light theme to code?"

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    Yeah, don't take code too lightly
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    But darcula is a messed up piece
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    @envolt Yes, but I would like to keep my eyes working at least a few years more :)
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    I use light theme all the time, so what? Actually even better, I use light theme during the day with a good illumination while the dark one during the night or in in a poor light.
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    I use light themes. I started working when neon character over black screen was all what we had. I'm in love with light grays and dark purples.
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    "If you don't use a time based and ambient sensor to switch themes, you won't fit in."

    - interviewer at current job.
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    I use light theme as well. Since the invention and widespread use of non-monochrome monitors there's really no good reason to stick with the default dark theme.
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